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Earn Money

Make money by uploading CATALOGS AND SOFTWARES is one way how you can make online money.

If you have Repair, Parts, Service, Operation, Diagnostic Files, Pdfs or Softwares that you want to share with others and you know that a lot of people would download them, then you can make money uploading files.



How It Works?

1- Create an account on our website by clicking here.

2- Using your account backoffice, Upload your files on our website


   Upload your files on any cloud sharing sites available on the net, and send the link to our website with your username so we can check it before listing it.

3- Decide the price of your file

4- We will list your uploads on our website, doing all the necessary advertisments, you will get 50 % of the price and we will get the other 50%.

5- You will receive an email when the file is downloaded, or you can check your account.

6- We will pay your money on your request via Paypal or Western Union

Any diagnostic parts service catalog and software can be used and sold.

Making money by uploading files is pretty easy.